Target Customer

“Our aim to reach every person, house, office, public and private places in the world with our advanced, futuristic, eco-friendly technologies.”

  • The Photovoltaic Clock attracts all advance future tech enthusiasts and eco-friendly people and organizations. All of those who cares and seeking for the solution for global warming and all lives on the earth.
  • The Photovoltaic Clock is aimed to replace the clocks at all the social gathering or public sites such as restaurants, schools, universities, hospitals, offices etc.
  • The device aims to replace the clocks running on direct power supply in metro/railway stations and airports
  • The basic version of the wall clock is aimed for daily use, targeting the top 30% of world’s population classified in terms of economy.
  • The gift version of the clock aims to become one of the best premium gifts that circulate the market.
  • The clock also targets military bodies since the clock can be of great use in marine operations as well as in all kinds of camps (like military, medical, research etc).
  • The device also targets space agencies since it is convenient, does the job everywhere.


I’m Jane

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