All Language Interpreter Friend

We have created an Electronic Digital Dictionary that is of an ATM Card Size, Small and Light Weight.It also acts as a Bookmark.
It can translate and define word(s) into many different languages based on the feature and requirements, it can be used as Spelling Correction and Synonyms Dictionary, Pocket Notebook and also can Calculate like a Calculator.

Voice Command

Voice Command, AI Feature, Word(s) Scanning and Audio Output Translation, Definition and Pronunciation Features Makes it Very Valuable and User Friendly.


Its Offline Version does not require any Network Connections like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Mobile Networks etc.

Powered by Solar Cells

It is powered by solar cells fitted in it and it does not require any other sources of energy to operate except direct or indirect sunlight and/or indoor light.

Benefits & Social Impacts

  • Time Saving
  • Super Easy to Carry
  • Restriction Free
  • Availability
  • Increases Productivit
  • Stress and Distraction Free
  • Governmental and Institutional Jump
  • User Friendly
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Budget Friendly


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